30 applications Mac pour les développeurs

By Romain Boulay on 12 octobre 2009 in French iOS Links
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One of the most important aspects of being a web developer is having the correct tools and applications at your disposal to get the job done. These applications can range from text editors with helpful features, to screen capturing software to display video and/or audio to a client or your users. Today, we will have a look at 30+ amazing Mac applications for web developers.

Panic’s Coda

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Anyone who knows me had to imagine this would be the first on the list. I use Coda everyday and couldn’t imagine development without it. If you are looking for a super powerful and functional text editor, I highly recommend Coda.

Price: Free trial, $99 for regular license.

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Another popular text editor for Mac is TextMate created by MacroMates. Another nice feature is the price is a bit lower than that of Codas.

Price: Free Trial, $55 per license.

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Eclipse is a very popular IDE that has become the tool many programmers prefer to use. There are many Eclipse Plugins as well that support different web and computer languages. No matter what language you program in, Eclipse can most likely accommodate you.

Price: Free!

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A favorite of many Mac owners, QuickSilver is a very extendable interface that allows you to quick launch programs, manage shortcuts, contacts, music, and many other applications.

Price: Free!

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Komodo Edit

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If you are looking for a powerful free and open source text editor that runs on any platform, then Komodo Edit might be the one for you. Primarily focused on dynamic web languages, Komodo Edit comes with many features and customizable plugins to help you get the job done.

Price: Free and Open Source!

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Billings 3

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Billings 3 is a wonderful time billing and invoicing tool, perfect for anyone who does any freelance work. Billings 3 integrates with the Mac interface brilliantly and its features save a lot of manual labor.

Price: $39.99 per license, $25.00 to upgrade.

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