[Tutorial] Implémenter une UITableView à la manière Twitter

By Romain Boulay on 30 juin 2010 in French iOS Links
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When I started on Twitter, I tried out a few Twitter clients both on Mac and iPhone until I quickly settled on Tweetie. When Loren made the bold move to sell Tweetie 2 as a seperate app I also purchased it because I am convinced this guy means quality and Tweetie 2 is on the first page of my springboard.

One thing that’s cool about Tweetie 2 is the fresh paradigm to refreshing the contents of a table view. Up until now we had been looking for space to mount a reload button on, sometimes having to resort to adding an extra tool bar for just one view so that you can have enough space. Now if you have a tableview that it sorted reverse chronologically, then you have a natural urge to make new items appear at the top by pulling down the table with extra force.


Le tutoriel ici : How to make a Pull-To-Reload TableView just like Tweetie 2 @ Dr. Touch.